Thursday, September 27, 2007

IBM Protest Begins: Sign Petition!

The IBM Protest in Second Life started a little over 1 hour ago, with many, many participants!

Please sign a petition that goes to IBM management. Everyone can sign it, you don't have to have Second Life to do it.
Help us get IBM to agree on a fair deal for its Italian employees, for only 2 minutes of your time:

Our Blog is covering the events with photos and stories.

IBM Protest Team


markcrail said...

Don't know if you're collecting media coverage, but I posted this report on the protest after visiting the protest this morning.

UNI Global Union said...

Thanks a million! It's perfect!

xavier said...


Do your petition a favour and put a link on its url instead of just writing it on the message.

Glad to see it went better than in Myanmar.

Good luck in your fight.

UNI Global Union said...

What do you mean Xavier by a link on its url please?

Publius said...

Found this posted at .

Unions Picketing in Virtual Reality on the Web?

Well, here is an interesting tale. Apparently IBM workers in Italy have started walking a picket line for workers upset over job benefits. Not unusual, you say? Well this picket line is being walked by animated, virtual characters in an on-line game called "Second Life."

It's a pretty silly exercise that won't get much notice by anyone in the real world, of course. After all, the whole point of a picket line is an in-your-face, annoyance to regular folk who just happen to be inconvenienced by union thugs walking the streets. On the internet, all one need do to avoid them is just not click there!

That being said, it is an interesting thing to see. A virtual protest! Certainly a new experience.

Now here is the hilarious part. added their own character to the picket line intruding on the socialists and whiners picketing their company!

For those of you unaware, is an anti-union organization that informs the public on a daily basis of the evils unions do.

So, the folks at crashed the picket line and went in with their giant sign exhorting all the slackers to get back to work and quit whining!

Absolutely hilarious!

Malignant Narcissist said...

This strike was nothing but a joke. Even if it was meant to be serious, all of the coverage is filled with lies.