Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some of the original ideas IBM Protest supporters gave us

We have kept these anonymous - of course - they are just here to give an idea of what reactions were to our online questionnaire on what the next steps after the protest should Real Life, in Second Life or...?
Industrial action should be considered depending upon what is legally possible in Italy - I am not familiar with this particular jurisdiction.
However, it needs to be in conjunction with other activities. For example, engaging other groups and individuals who are sympathetic, advertising/commentary on and offline.
I think your idea of getting feedback from everyone who completed the survey is excellent. No doubt you'll be drowned in emails ... It would be good, if possible, if you can seek this insight from time to time throughout the campaign.
We must communicate to media the answer of our management since the protest was entirely successful and was been spread by media all over the world
My suggestion is to have a continued presence at IBM SL Locations until IBM goes back to the negotitions.
We could have small groups of protesters (5 to 10 people) at all IBM sites maybe daily with signs saying "IBM Must negotiate". of course we should let the press and the worldwide unions know and give publicity that the protests continue and IBM is not negotiating in good faith.
In my opinion, Second Life activities are very interesting because they do not take place in a "common" atmosphere and therefore allow to be more flexible on time, place, and even to be "anonimous" because behind the screen... etc.
They may attract more people because the system is built on a "video game" scheme, so it is a "separete world" were more fantasy is allowed and new ideas could be brought up.
I think it is valuable too to consider that to go to Second Life and feel "at home" from everywhere in the world is the most important point because the barriers of distance, countries, cultures fell down and allow people to gather and feel close to each other in a very easy and simple way...
I think we must continue ours actions by appearing during IBM meeting with customers.
IBM often organizes events in Second Life to present new products to customers.
During this event we must arrive there with the same messages we used during the "strike".
We must give the message that we can arrive in any moment in any public IBM location.
Combine the two activities. The virtual strike got you much more publicity abroad and in the IT world in general.
But the real life strike should really involve your workers and be a physical presence that managers can notice the minute they drive into the car park. If you have 9000 employees you need a significant proportion of them to take part in some sort of industrial action, even if it's short of a strike. We've found that the best way to maximise on time without going out on strike is to have demonstations before work time and again in the lunch hour - and lobby all management meetings as routine.
In my humble opinion AND experience the ONLY thing IBM would understand is being HIT in the pocketbook. Therefore, I propose a WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT of ALL IBM products. Give us a list of ALL the products that IBM is involved with including software and hardware, PLUS any products that IBM may use in their production. ANY international media that continues to advertise IBM should FIRST be warned, THEN BOYCOTTED ALSO!
IN ADDITION, any Union funds invested in IBM should be DIVESTED to the point of COSTING IBM at the bottom line.
Use Second Life activities to leverage other media.
For example, a second life machinima could combine with real life strike activities/footage to make an hybrid SL/RL Youtube movie that would be newsworthy, if well done.
I think a new Second Life action identical to the first has no meaning. But couldn't it be possible to have permanent "camps" around the IBM buildings in SL? To me it seemed that it is not necessary to be active when you are in SL - some persons could log in, place their avatars in a camp, and then do other things while the avatar stays in camp with signs etc. Then it lasts for a long time, and more people notice it.
Otherwise a good old-fashioned online campaign could be an option? The last Labourstart campaign reached about 13.000 e-mails. But it has to be a succesful campaign - Labourstart has more than 50.000 on the e-mail lists, and while the IBM strike now has become famous, t should be possible to reach a good number of protest e-mails.
And as always - virtual strikes and actions must be followed with actions in real life. That's what normally hurts the most.
The first two ideas are, I feel, applicable as a follow up but should, in the case of a strike, be sure not to jeopardize the workers job security by simply walking out and refusing to work outright.
Th action should be in a form which creates a potential tie-up in the company's production without being so obvious on first glance. Creative use of a slowdown, "working to rule" or other ways to jam up the gears of how IBM generates revenue from your labor would be the most effective way to extract a positive result in your favor. I'm not sure about the specific actions necessary to achieve this but thought your union would be able to be creative and thoughtful about the most effective ways to strike while remaining on the job. Be strong, have fun!
To join to the protest, don't talk about install anything in the laptops. These are IBM laptops and the company doesn't allow install anything here.
I think that this is one reason because more people from here didn't join to the protest. They thought that they should install one program in their laptops.
I think that if you give more facilities to the people to join to the protest (only click a link), the protest have more success.
Have a global IBM real life strike, were all IBM workers from all countries go on strike because hay what’s 9,000 workers on strike mean to a massive global business, not a lot rely but if every office in every country stopped working then its a major problem for them.

sorry we cannot publish all great ideas, there are so many of them! let us know if you would like to see more...webmaster(a)


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